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January Zodiac Signs Personality, Compatibility and Birthstone

January Zodiac Sign

People born in January can be Capricorns or Aquarians, depending on their birth date.

People born from January 1 to January 19 are Capricorns.

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. It is an Earth sign most commonly known for being career-oriented, reliable, and grounded.

Capricorns are symbolized by the Sea Goat, a mythical creature. Its symbol is meant to represent the drive within Capricorns to achieve their goals in life and become successful. They are career-oriented people. In the tarot world, Capricorns are represented by “the Devil.”

The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is associated with authenticity, realness, and honesty. Saturn rules the wisdom of old age. When Saturn returns, it reminds Capricorns that it is only human to have limitations.

Not everything is within our control or our reach. Capricorns are considered one of the hardest-working signs in the entire zodiac. Capricorns are extremely determined, ambitious, headstrong, and materialistic individuals.

People born from January 20 to January 31 are Aquarians.

Aquarius is the 11th sign in the zodiac, and its symbol is the “Water-bearer.”

Aquarius is ruled by two planets: Uranus and Saturn. For Aquarians, Uranus represents mental studies. Its position in your astrological chart indicates your originality and lack of conformity.

On the other hand, Saturn’s position is indicative of the areas in your life where your personality will feel restricted by fears and a lack of confidence. Aquarius is associated with the seventeenth card in the tarot deck known as ‘The Star.’

Aquarius is an air element. Unlike other air signs, Aquarians are calmer and more sensitive than enthusiastic and active. Aquarians can get easily bored and uninterested in a task if there is no one to cheer them on.

Positive reinforcements and affirmations make up their content. At work, Aquarians are responsible, hardworking, adaptable, and efficient. They are meticulous with their work and always finish it on time.

Capricorn Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Determined, Ambitious, Conventional, Loyal, and Organized.
Negative Traits
Stubborn, materialistic, critical, suspicious, and pessimistic.
Capricorn Personality Traits
Aquarius Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Creative, Easy-going, Friendly, and Open-minded.
Negative Traits
Emotional detachment, impulsivity, unpredictable mood swings, and being too idealistic.
Aquarius Personality Traits

January Personality

1) Generous: January-born people are kind and generous with their time. They don’t like getting overly involved in another person’s life, but at the same time, they encourage other people to achieve their goals and will help people whenever they are in trouble.

2) Self-reliance: People born in January like their independence and freedom. They enjoy problem-solving and believe they have the intelligence to solve even the toughest problems.

3) Adaptable: January-born people can easily adapt to a new situation. That is why many of them make excellent travelling partners. They are calm and level-headed under pressure.

4) Self-expression: January-born people are sometimes considered rude and uncaring because they find it difficult to express their emotions to people they care about. They are also terrible at expressing their love and affection for their romantic partners, both in public and privately.


Capricorn and Aquarius are the zodiac signs of people born in January. While Capricorns are compatible with Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces, Aquarius are compatible with Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aries.

In a romantic relationship, Capricorns tend to look for a partner who is mature enough to handle the responsibilities of the relationship. They are monogamous, not experimental, and very private about their relationship.

Aquarians, on the other hand, are open about their feelings and believe that good communication is the key to a healthy relationship. They prefer a romantic partner who is intelligent, open-minded, imaginative, and sociable. They also love their own space and like to retain their individuality.

January Birthstone

There are two gemstones associated with the month of January: Garnet and Serpent Stone.

Garnet, its influences, and its healing powers

Garnet is a member of the silicate family of minerals. They can be red, green, black, or even colorless. It is commonly considered the birthstone for people born in the month of January.

If your birthday comes in January and you are surrounded by hostile forces, then you should wear garnet jewelry because it reduces enmity and tension.

1) Garnet will even keep you safe on your travels.

2) Its healing powers will help you deal with suppressed emotions, treat your depressed state of mind, and provide calming stability in your life.

3) Garnet is also known for stimulating the metabolism and keeping diseases related to the blood, lungs, and heart at bay.

4) Garnet brings luck to its wearers.

5) Its energies encourage people to achieve their goals and become successful in their professional and personal lives.

Serpent stone, its influences, and its healing powers

The serpent stone is a stone used as folk medicine for snake bites in Africa, South America, and South Asia. It is known by various names around the world. For instance, serpent stone is known as naga mani, viper’s stone, black stone, and snake’s pearl. Serpent stone has a fibrous appearance and can be red, brown-yellow, white, brown-red, or green in colour.

1) In many cultures, serpent stones are used for healing snake bites and keeping other poisonous creatures at bay.

2) Serpent Stone’s energy brings stability to your mood and helps resolve internal conflicts in the mind.

3) Astrologers advise menstruating January-born women to wear jewelry made from serpent stone because it brings respite from menstrual cramps and pain.

Personality, Compatibility, Relationship & Career for January Born

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