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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits, Compatibility, Lucky Numbers, and Lucky Colors

Anyone born from June 21 to July 22 is a Cancer in the zodiac wheel.

People born on June 21 are on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer. 

People born on July 22 are on the cusp of Cancer and Leo

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the crab. It is a water sign, which is ruled by the moon.

Quick Cancer Facts

Zodiac signCancer
Cancer SymbolThe Crab
Cancer ruling planetThe Moon
Cancer elementWater
Cancer lucky colorRed, Blue, and White
Cancer Lucky number2, 7, and 9
Cancer Lucky DayTuesday, Thursday, and Sunday
Cancer BirthstoneEmerald
Cancer CompatibilityTaurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces
Cancer Facts

Cancer Personality

Cancer Positive Traits

  • Loyal
  • Caring
  • Tenacious
  • Protective
  • Caring
  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Caring
  • Generous

Cancer Negative Traits

  • Overly Sensitive
  • Moody
  • Vindictive
  • Depressed
  • Insecure
  • Suspicious
  • Pessimistic

People who are born between June 21 and July 22 are known for being sensitive and empathic. They live in the present moment and are always in touch with their environments.

The moon, which rules Cancer, is associated with home or a place where we go to recharge and find our roots. Therefore, for a typical Cancerian, the atmosphere of their house is extremely important, as it allows them to rest and reflect on their day.

There is a shadowy side to Cancerians’ sensitive side too. Because of their ability to feel many emotions at once, Cancers can get easily offended, hurt, and wounded by even the slightest reprimand or criticism. That is why most astrologers advise Cancers to not take things too personally in order to preserve their energy and mental health.

Cancerians also need to learn to express their feelings and face the world. Cancerians are predisposed to flee their problems and retreat to their safe haven at the slightest inconvenience.

Self-expression can be a major opportunity for the growth of Cancers. Cancerians need to realize that nobody will know that you are upset with them if you don’t tell them in the first place.

Cancer Strengths

  1. Loyal – Cancerians are very loyal to their friends and family. Even though it is tough for them to forge connections with other people, once they do, they become committed to them for life. They will do whatever it takes to help a friend or a family member out of trouble.
  2. Protective – Cancerians will go out of their way to protect their family and friends from all forms of danger. After their loved ones, Cancerians will protect their homes. They are strongly associated with the image of their house because that is the one place where they feel most at peace. Their need to protect, however, can become overwhelming and frustrating for their loved ones.
  3. Intuitive – Cancerians rely on their intuition rather than their practical or rational sense of judgement to make most of their decisions. They are emotionally intelligent and highly perceptible people. They are able to detect even the slightest emotional changes in other people.
  4. Caring and nurturing – Cancerians caring and nurturing nature is an extension of their emotional personality. As we can see above, Cancerians are extremely loyal and protective of their partners. Cancerians are exceptionally generous to their partners in a romantic relationship. However, they tend to become upset when they don’t receive the same level of care and attention.

Cancer Weaknesses

  1. Overly sensitive – Cancerians rely on their intuition rather than their practical or rational sense of judgement to make most of their decisions. They are emotionally intelligent and highly perceptible people. They are able to detect even the slightest emotional changes in other people.
  2. Moody – Due to the complexity of their emotions, Cancerians are known for being extremely moody. They can jump quickly from one emotion to another. This is because the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. And just like the waxing and waning of the moon, Cancerians experience abrupt emotional changes.
  3. Vindictive – Cancerians love to hold onto a grudge for a long time and can be extremely petty and vindictive people. They have a tendency to wage war on people who even slightly wrong them.

Cancer Male Traits

As we all know, Cancerians are extremely sensitive people, and Cancerian men are no different. Cancerian men are caring, emotional, and family-oriented people. They are extremely loyal and committed to their romantic partner. Professionally, they are lazy, as they tend to procrastinate and not finish their work on time. They are extremely nostalgic people and are considered the caretakers of family traditions and memories.

They are known to hold grudges for the longest time and take even the slightest negative remark to heart. Cancerian men suffer from drastic mood swings, which makes them extremely unpredictable. They are extremely perceptible and intelligent people. Cancerians know how to emotionally manipulate people in order to get what they want.

Cancer Female Traits

Cancerian women have a loving, caring, and nurturing presence. They are loyal and devoted in all of their romantic and platonic relationships. They handle family responsibilities and strive to create a balance between all of their commitments.

During conflicts, they find themselves in the roles of arbiter, mediator, and peacemaker. However, in their personal lives, Cancerian women are afraid of all types of confrontation and hesitate to voice their opinions properly.

In a romantic relationship, Cancerian women have high expectations from their partners. Cancerian women tend to also be emotional, caring, affectionate, devoted, protective, and sensitive within their relationships.

They are willing to sacrifice all of their belongings in order to save a loved one. Sometimes, their emotional and sensitive side can get out of hand. They have a tendency to take things way out of proportion and overreact to certain situations.

Cancer Ruling Planets

Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon tends to represent the unconscious, hidden feelings, and the personal self. Since the moon’s light is a reflection of sunlight, the Moon also represents the reflection of the true self.

The Moon’s energy is associated with the ability to relate to and nurture other people, with security, and with habitual patterns.

The moon represents the feminine and nurturing part of oneself. The moon represents not only the feminine energy that a male Cancerian carries within, but also the type of partner that you will attract someday. The moon also represents that your past is heavily influencing your present decisions.

Cancer Element

The zodiac sign Cancer is related to the element water. Generally, water people are receptive and sensitive to subtle communications. They are tuned into a deeper and subtler reality than others.

Water people such as Cancerians are security-oriented and do well in situations where they have the unconditional support of their friends and family.

They are also very in tune with their spirituality and the spiritual progress of other people around them.

Cancer Symbol

The crab represents the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Cancer Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for the zodiac sign Cancer. Emerald helps Cancerians work on enhancing their patience, grit, and fortitude.

Emerald helps reduce feelings of fear and anxiety and can even help with some digestive problems.

Emerald is very popular among married couples because its energies ensure marital bliss and fidelity. Emerald’s energies also serve to soothe strain and fatigue.

Cancer Lucky Numbers

2, 7, and 9 are considered lucky numbers for Cancer natives. Astrologers these days recommend starting a new job, a professional course, or a business venture.

Cancer Lucky Colors

Red, blue, and white are meant to bring prosperity, peace, and tranquility to the lives of Cancerians.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer-Aries Compatibility

The Cancer-Aries pair is considered one of the least compatible pairs in the zodiac. Even though at first both of these signs might find each other’s polar opposite nature exciting, the pair will soon start experiencing challenges within the relationship.

Cancer’s emotional and sensitive nature is sure to clash with Aries’ fiery and fast-paced nature.

In order to make this relationship work, both signs would have to develop patience and constantly work on it.

Cancer-Taurus Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus make a very compatible couple. Their relationship will be easy-going, sweet, and fun. Both of these signs speak the same love language, and that is money.

While Cancer is great at planning to ensure financial security in the future, Taurus is really efficient at managing money. They are also hopeless romantics, nurturing, loyal, and committed to their partners.

Cancer-Gemini Compatibility

Cancerians are future-oriented people, so they like to plan ahead. On the other hand, Geminis like to live in the present and, most importantly, have a good time.

Cancerians and Geminis are better off as friends because Cancerians, who are very emotional, might find the Geminis’ cerebral approach a little frustrating.

If both signs make an effort to pay attention to each other’s needs, then they have a shot at building a lasting bond with each other.

Cancer-Cancer Compatibility

Cancerians find a romantic relationship with another Cancerian as an ideal situation because both of them are in sync. In this relationship, both individuals will start working toward a stable future immediately.

They’ll also be great parents because they’ll be totally supportive of one another and prioritize their family’s needs above everything else.

Cancer-Leo Compatibility

At first, Cancerians might find Leo’s natural charisma attractive. However, they will quickly begin to resent their Leo partners for always demanding all of the room’s attention and being too bossy.

On the other hand, both signs are die-hard romantics who are loyal and sincere with their partners, and they prize loyalty and security in a romantic relationship above everything else.

Cancer-Virgo Compatibility

While on paper, both of these signs might seem like an extremely compatible pairing due to their similar characteristics, in reality, they are too similar for their own good.

Cancerians and Virgos are both sensitive, emotional, and service-oriented people. But they are also equally passive-aggressive and let their feelings fester until they reach the boiling point.

Cancer-Libra Compatibility

A Cancer-Libra pairing can be a little complicated and challenging for the people involved because Cancerians like to follow their hearts in matters of love, whereas Libras are more intellectual.

This couple has a lot of potential to create a lasting relationship if Libras can convince their Cancerian partners that they are serious about the relationship.

Cancer-Scorpio Compatibility

Just like Scorpio, Cancer is also a water sign, and this combination results in an easy-going, natural, and pleasurable romantic pairing. Both Scorpios and Cancers are sensitive, intuitive, and fiercely loyal to their families and loved ones.

When Cancer and Scorpio are in a relationship, they both work hard to keep their bond strong.

Cancer-Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancerian and Sagittarius form an extremely awkward pair. Sagittarius’ adventurous and free spirit clashes with Cancerians’ need for dependability and constant comfort.

The one thing that both of these signs have in common is food. If they are able to strike a balance between their freedom and sense of security, then this couple will be a force to behold.

Cancer-Capricorn Compatibility

Cancerians and Capricorns make a great couple because their personalities and positions on the zodiac sign chart are completely different from each other.

Capricorn’s driven and cool-headed nature complements Cancerian’s serious and emotionally charged demeanor.

Cancer-Aquarius Compatibility

Cancerians and Aquarians are considered the least compatible matches so far. While Aquarius is aloof, rational, and easy-going, Cancerians are traditionalists and overbearing. This pairing will have to work extremely hard to make the relationship work.

Cancer-Pisces Compatibility

Pisces and Cancerians are a naturally compatible pairing. Both of these signs work with each other to overcome their flaws. Since Pisces and Cancer are both water signs, they are emotional, sensitive, and devoted to their partners. 

Cancer Romantic Relationships

Cancerians crave an intimate partner with whom they can feel comfortable and at ease. They prefer a partner with whom they can spend copious amounts of quality time and who will give them loads of alone time to cope with their emotions and process them.

Cancerians thrive in a monogamous setting and don’t do well in a casual dating setting.

Cancerians desire true love and are not interested in transactional or quick-fix love. On dates, Cancerians give 100% of their attention to their partner.

They are even intuitive in the bedroom, to the point where it seems like they can read their partner’s mind and anticipate their needs before they do.

Cancerians are extremely generous with their love and affection, and they want their partner to reciprocate it as well. They put a lot of thought into their love.

Therefore, their partners can expect many gifts and home-cooked food, among other things, from them on a regular basis.

As we have discussed before, Cancerians are extremely sensitive. They perceive even the slightest of actions and inflictions of voice. However, their hypersensitive nature can cause excessive moodiness.

Cancerians are passive-aggressive as well. They won’t tell their partners what’s hurting them but will drop little hints instead.

Cancerians need to realise that not everyone can read even the smallest signs, and that sometimes their own actions can cause misunderstandings in a relationship.

Sometimes, Cancerians can become way too clingy to their partners. Oftentimes, wanting to spend too much time with their partner can make their partner feel as if they have lost their individuality and autonomy.

Their partners also get frustrated by their Cancerian partners’ need to fuss over them constantly and shower them with not just unsolicited but unwarranted advice as well.

Cancer Careers

Cancerians like to feel secure in all aspects of their lives. And their professional lives are no exception to that rule. Their emotional and mental well-being is dependent on the trajectory of their professional future and on a steady income.

Cancerians nurture and care for the people around them. Therefore, they tend to do well in professions where caring and listening to another person are involved.

Cancerians are great with money as well. They are smart spenders and invest their money in lucrative businesses as well. They are involuntarily made in charge of their household’s finances because they like to keep accurate tabs on how their family members spend money.

Cancerians are seen as great employees at work because they are always on time and finish what they start.

Outside of their friends and family members, Cancerians are also fiercely loyal to their jobs. Cancerians are able to fit into a wide variety of jobs because they are adaptable, organized, self-sufficient, and creative.

Cancerians will do well in the following professions: landscaping, interior design, biology, health care, politics, writing, and childcare work.

Cancer Friendships

Cancerians are extremely social individuals who enjoy establishing new social connections. Cancerians are blessed with the rare ability to see past people’s pretence and understand who they actually are.

Cancerians are known for being hypersensitive, but they are not drawn to people who are overly emotional.

Cancerians have a very welcoming presence and try to foster a pleasant atmosphere for everyone around them. Even though Cancerians are very perceptive and sympathetic, their friends find it very difficult to connect with them on an emotional level because they are very guarded.

However, a Cancerian’s friends know that they can trust them blindly because they will go above and beyond to defend them.

Cancerians love to spend one-on-one quality time with their loved ones. They don’t have the biggest friend group and prefer to have a small group of friends with whom they can share their deepest, darkest feelings.

Cancerians truly value their friendships and will keep a secret with them forever.

They are also very fond of upholding family traditions. In their families, Cancerians are usually the caretakers of cherished memories, traditions, photo albums, and other souvenirs of significant personal value.

Cancers make the most devoted and caring parents. They will support their kids in every possible way and make sure that they make time to spend quality time with them.

Cancer Tarot Card

As we all know, every zodiac sign has a corresponding Major Arcana tarot card. And the zodiac sign Cancer is associated with ‘The Chariot. The Chariot is the seventh Major Arcana tarot card. This card depicts a brave warrior wearing heavy armour standing inside a chariot. There are several other alchemical symbols on the card as well, such as a laurel and a star crown, which signify victory, spiritual evolution, and success.

In many of the adaptations of ‘The Chariot,’ there are two sphinxes, one black and one white, which symbolise opposing forces that the charioteer must learn to control.

Similarly, Cancerians are extremely sensitive people and must learn to control their emotions over time. For a Cancerian, the chariot suggests that you must push past your physical and emotional barriers in order to achieve success.

The symbol of Cancer is the crab, which hides under its shell at the first sight of adversity. Cancerous cells, likewise, are known to remain in their shells, where they are warm and comfortable.

The energies of “the chariot” encourage them to change in order to evolve. It also acts as a guide that directs you toward achieving your dreams.

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