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August Zodiac Signs Personality, Compatibility and Birthstone

August Zodiac Sign

People born in August can be Leo or Virgo, depending on their birth date.

People born from August 1 to August 22 are Leos.

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac, and it is ruled by the sun. Leos take pleasure in creating connections that are creatively and innovatively motivated.

As they mature, they become bold optimists who defy failure. It is a fixed fire sign as well. The fire element of Leo’s fixed nature makes this sign powerfully self-expressive.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Leo is a natural leader who is ready to forge ahead, fight injustice, and build their reputation.

Leos are intense and enthusiastic people who like social interactions and have no trouble making friends, but getting them to spend time with you is another matter entirely.

Leos prioritize themselves and will reject a plan that doesn’t align with their goals or sense of fun. One of the things they enjoy most in the world is love itself, whether it be making love, thinking about it, or falling in love.

A busy lion will always make sure there is enough time in his or her life for passion. Leos are known for throwing themselves into their work, and it’s not unusual for them to put in continuous hours.

People born from August 23 to August 31 are Virgo.

In astrology, Virgo is the sixth astrological sign. Virgo is ruled over by the planet Mercury, also known as the “messenger planet of communication.”

Virgos are associated with the earth element. Earth is considered a very physical, sensual, and tangible element. When it comes to matters of the heart, they are driven by their senses and are often very dependable lovers.

Virgos are highly intelligent, reliable, and resourceful people. In a professional setting, Virgos are perfectionists who demand excellence from themselves and other people around them.

They have a very meticulous, logical, and practical approach to their work. Virgos are known to have a practical, systematic, and logical approach to life.

They are perfectionists and are always on the lookout for ways to improve themselves and become more efficient at their work. They are hyperaware of everything that is going on around them.

Virgo’s incessant need to be perfect at everything can be seen in their organizational skills and in their methodical and meticulous approach to their work. They won’t settle for any ordinary person until they find a partner that meets their very specific criteria. Virgos are extremely loyal and devoted partners who like to show their love through acts of service.

Leo Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Loyal, Confident, Wise, Passionate, Strong, Generous, and Natural Leader.
Negative Traits
Opinionated, Attention-seeking, Naïve, Arrogant, and Stubborn.
Leo Personality Traits
Virgo Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Observant, Patient, Reliable, and Modest.
Negative Traits
Overly critical, skeptical, inflexible, and obsessive about cleanliness.
Virgo Personality Traits

August Personality

1) Strong-willed: August-born people are strong-willed. They exude confidence and tend to outshine everyone else in the room. They are unique, self-actualized, and self-assured people.

2) Organized: August-born people have high organizational skills. They like to keep everything in order. You’ll never find their bookshelf, wardrobe, desk, or kitchen out of order.
Practical: August-born people are extremely pragmatic and practical. Their point of view is always balanced and not overly emotional.

3) Aloof: Even though August-born people are sociable and have lots of friends, they tend to like their alone time as well. They are not afraid of being alone with their thoughts and feelings. They like to learn from their experience and process their emotions properly when they are alone.

4) Career-oriented: They are natural-born leaders. They have a lot of confidence and charisma. They stand their ground and don’t run away from high-pressure situations. They like to choose a career that brings them creative satisfaction along with monetary benefits.


People who are born in the month of August belong to the zodiac signs of Virgo and Leo.

Leos are romantically compatible with Geminis and Libras. Virgos are romantically compatible with Scorpios, Cancerians, Capricorns, and Tauruses.

Leo is a very strong lover who won’t let their loved one have any doubt about their feelings. They are completely honest about their desires and emotions and don’t engage in any mental gymnastics.

In a romantic relationship, they actually burn bright and hot. For Leos, the basis of love is honesty. They are stubbornly faithful after making a promise to their partner and will do whatever to support and encourage them.

Virgos are extremely honest people. They won’t settle for any ordinary person until they find a partner that meets their very specific criteria.

Virgos like to take things slowly at the start of a relationship. While they are not afraid of commitment, they won’t commit until they can fully trust someone.

Usually, they commit to people with whom they can see the potential for a long-term future. Virgos are extremely loyal and devoted partners who like to show their love through acts of service.

August Birthstone

Sardonyx, peridot, and spinel are August birthstones.

Sardonyx, its influences, and its healing powers

1) Sardonyx has been used in many cultures as a stone that provides strength and protection.

2) This stone is associated with clear communication, happiness, and courage.

3) To its wearer, Sardonyx is meant to bring lasting happiness and stability into their marriage, professional partnerships, and other relationships.

4) Sardonyx tends to heighten traits such as versatility, good communication, cleverness, and optimism.

5) It also helps control these traits if they are working against you.

Peridot, its influences, and its healing powers

1) Peridot is a birthstone that is recommended by astrologers to help fight addictions and crippling dependencies.

2) The healing powers of peridot make you feel comfortable and warm in your own presence.

3) August-born people who suffer from restless sleep or frequent nightmares should wear peridot because it will calm and comfort them.

4) It also makes you aware of your purpose in life and helps you pursue it properly.

Spinel, its influences, and its healing powers

1) Spinel is a gemstone that is also known as the “stone of immortality.” Its rejuvenating and revitalizing energies can inspire you to follow your dreams with confidence and purpose.

2) Its optimistic energy encourages you to find happiness and appreciate even the smallest things in life.

3) Spinel’s energy will remind you that you possess the talent, creativity, and confidence to get you through tough times.

4) It also gives people extra strength and endurance as they recover from long illnesses and trauma.

Personality, Compatibility, Relationship & Career for August Born

August 1 Birthday (Leo)August 2 Birthday (Leo)
August 3 Birthday (Leo)August 4 Birthday (Leo)
August 5 Birthday (Leo)August 6 Birthday (Leo)
August 7 Birthday (Leo)August 8 Birthday (Leo)
August 9 Birthday (Leo)August 10 Birthday (Leo)
August 11 Birthday (Leo)August 12 Birthday (Leo)
August 13 Birthday (Leo)August 14 Birthday (Leo)
August 15 Birthday (Leo)August 16 Birthday (Leo)
August 17 Birthday (Leo)August 18 Birthday  (Leo)
August 19 Birthday  (Leo)August 20 Birthday (Leo)
August 21 Birthday (Leo)August 22 Birthday (Leo)
August 23 Birthday (Virgo)August 24 Birthday (Virgo)
August 25 Birthday (Virgo)August 26 Birthday (Virgo)
August 27 Birthday (Virgo)August 28 Birthday (Virgo)
August 29 Birthday (Virgo)August 30 Birthday (Virgo)
August 31 Birthday (Virgo) 
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