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November Zodiac Signs Personality, Compatibility and Birthstone

November Zodiac Sign

People born in November can be Scorpio or Sagittarius, depending on their birth date.

People born between November 1 and November 21 are Scorpios.

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. Scorpio is ruled by two planets: Mars and Pluto.

Mars is known as the planet of action, aggression, war, sex, energy, combat, and passion. Whereas in astrology, Pluto is considered the planet of transformation, death, and regeneration.

Like most water signs, Scorpios are driven by their emotions and are authentic to them. They are always nurturing connections with people around them and never make a decision that goes against their gut instinct.

Scorpios are extremely emotional, intense, and highly sensitive individuals with a penchant for being mysterious and misunderstood.

They are also passionate about their interests, savvy in regard to business and finance, and are born leaders. In a friendship, Scorpios are known for being calm, helpful, passionate, assertive, and fierce.

They put in a lot of effort into all of their relationships, be they romantic, familial, or platonic. In a romantic relationship, Scorpios are intensely loyal, protective, and devoted to their partners.

Scorpios understand that their partners lived an entire life before meeting them and that they have individual personalities outside of this relationship.

People born between November 22 and November 30 are Sagittarians.

In astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac. It is commonly known as “the Archer” because it is symbolized by a centaur holding a bow and arrow.

Sagittarius is associated with being adventurous and free-spirited and is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which in the universe is known for having an expansive and benevolent force attached to it.

Jupiter’s energies are responsible for the Sagittarian’s affinity for adventure, opulence, and novelty. In a romantic relationship, Sagittarians seek emotional and physical thrills.

They are extremely curious about their partners and prefer a partner who would like to travel as much as they do.

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarians are always on the lookout for their next big adventure, for which they are ready to abandon all of their already-made plans.

Because of their habit of flaking out on already-made plans, Sagittarians have a reputation for being unreliable and afraid of making long-term commitments.

Sagittarians do well with friends who can adapt to their animalistic behaviors and are adventurous. Sagittarians are people pleasers and enjoy giving small presents in order to make their friends feel special.

They are trustworthy and compassionate friends who, at all costs, stay away from melodramatic and insincere people.

Scorpio Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Courageous, honest, loyal, and curious.
Negative Traits
Secretive, resentful, controlling, and stubborn.
Scorpio Personality Traits
Sagittarius Personality Traits
Positive Traits
Optimistic, honest, and a good sense of humor.
Negative Traits
Know-it-all, require too much freedom, and procrastinators.
Sagittarius Personality Traits

November Personality

1) Creative: November-born people are creative people. Creativity and innovation come easily to them. They are always looking for an out-of-the-box solution to their problems.

1) Hardworking people: November-born people believe that the key to professional success is hard work and determination. There is no shortcut to achieving their goals. These people enjoy putting in the effort and working hard to avoid making mistakes.They always strive to complete their work by the deadline.They are extremely responsible and believe that their work is extremely important.

2) Aggressive: Even though November-born people are introverted and grounded, they also have a short temper. They like to internalize their feelings and can become extremely furious when provoked into a fight. They can also be extremely petty and seek revenge on people who have done them wrong. However, as they mature, November-born people begin to learn to control their strength and determination.

3) Loyal: November-born people can have a short temper, but they are also extremely loyal to their loved ones. In romantic and platonic relationships, people tend to be devoted and loyal to their partners. They are trustworthy people who will never leave the side of their friends when they are in trouble.

4) Private: November-born people don’t remain silent when something wrong is happening in front of them. They are easily able to confront people and right their wrongs, even though they are extremely introverted and private people. They tend to keep their secrets close and never trust a new person easily. They are social people, but tend to socialize on their own terms.


If your birthday is in the month of November, then you are either a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. Scorpios are compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo, whereas Sagittarians are compatible with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius.

Scorpios are intensely loyal, protective, and devoted to their partners. For Scorpios, being sexually intimate with their partners is a form of breaking mental barriers that enable them to connect with their partner’s consciousness. Sexual intimacy holds great importance in a Scorpio relationship.

Scorpios are known for their ferocity and can be possessive of their partners.

They tend to become jealous of their partner’s relationship outside of this relationship and can develop an obsessive need for control within the relationship.

Sagittarians are interested in a relationship if they can find a partner who can roll with the punches and is equally thrill-seeking.

When it comes to getting intimate in the bedroom, Sagittarians are just as adventurous as they are in other aspects of their lives.


Citrine and blue topaz are November’s birthstones. Citrine is a yellow quartz that is also known by the name “Light Maker.” It has been around for millennia and was worn by the ancient Romans.

It was also popularized during the Art Deco period between World Wars 1 and 2. Citrine is naturally found in Brazil, the US, France, Russia, and Spain.

Citrine, its influences, and its healing powers

1) In many cultures, citrine is meant to bring prosperity and abundance to your life.

2) Citrine is usually worn by short-tempered people because it gets rid of their anger and allows them to internalize their feelings rather than being quick to action.

3) Its positive energies remove negative thoughts and energies from our body while rejuvenating the mind, soul, and body.

4) It brings peace, balance, and harmony into our lives as well.

5) Citrine is believed to have manifesting powers.

6) Its wearers can project their intentions into the stone, and the stone will then absorb their desires, ambitions, and dreams and transform them into reality.

7) Citrine is popular among merchants and business owners because it has the power to increase your wealth and improve your business.

8) Astrologers advise new families to keep citrine in their homes because it encourages healthy family relations and the creation of an affectionate and loving atmosphere.

9) You can also wear citrine if you are not able to recover from a broken heart after ending a relationship. Not only will citrine put you in a good mood, but it will also attract love and boost your responsibility and commitment within a new relationship.

10) Citrine also improves the chemical and hormonal balance of your body, along with blood circulation and digestion.

11) It staves off kidney and bladder infections while simultaneously detoxifying your body from toxins.

12) It stops you from feeling sluggish and lethargic all of the time.

Blue Topaz, its influences, and its healing powers

Blue topaz is a sought-after and valuable variety of topaz.

Other than being a precious gemstone, blue topaz is also a birthstone with several spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties. For instance, Blue Topaz’s energies soothe, heal, stimulate, and recharge the energies of the body.

1) It attracts good health, happiness, benevolence, and abundance to your life.

2) It allows its wearer to be more truthful in life and learn to forgive other people.

3) Topaz helps its wearer get rid of tension in their body, mind, and heart. It also promotes openness, self-control, self-realization, and honesty.

4) Topaz stabilizes its wearer’s emotions and helps them verbalize their opinions more openly.

5) It promotes the proper functioning of its wearer’s digestive system while also helping people combat eating disorders.

6) Topaz also helps you realize your talents and creativity. It allows you to see the bigger picture and be grateful for the things in your life.

Personality, Compatibility, Relationship & Career for November Born

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